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Welcome to Real Food!

Fresh Beef Raised on Our Farm in Clarion County, Pa


If you are searching for fresh beef raised right on the farm, you have come to the right place. At Clarion Farms, we raise our own cattle without adding any growth hormones. And because we are a small, family-run farm, we can ensure you that we take great care in providing beef that is minimally processed without additives. We also know that cost is important to you, so we try to provide a superior product at a reasonable price. Please check out our value prices. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.


Itís the Flavor That Sets Us Apart


Because our cattle are raised on locally grown corn and fed our own blend of protein that contains no animal by-products, our beef just tastes better. You will soon discover why our customers say this is the best beef they have ever eaten.


A Cut Above the Rest


Fresh or frozen, our dry-aged beef comes in

individually wrapped packages and we offer

you a wide variety of beef cuts. Our large

selection will meet your needs for everyday

recipes or special celebrations. We have:



 Ground beef and ground beef patties

 Stew Meat

 Quarters and Halves


Sustainable Agriculture at Its Best


Raising cattle for over 25 years has given the Port family an understanding that creating

a farming conservation cycle betters our environment. Our dedication to farming conservation practices earned us a past award for USDA Farm of the Year for Clarion County.


Our multigenerational, family-run farm has been a part of the Clarion community for decades and we treasure this beautiful part of Western Pennsylvania. More importantly, we also care about you, our customer, and you are why we make a commitment to provide wholesome beef while also nurturing the land we occupy.


USDA Inspected Means We Put Safety First


Meat safety is as important to us as it is to you, that is why our meat is USDA inspected. All our beef goes through a rigorous routine inspection ensuring that the meat that you put on your table is safe and meets the highest food-safety standards.


Sign Up for Beef Sale Notices and Seasonal Updates


If you would like to be notified about our weekly sale prices, our special activities (like cider press demonstrations), and the availability of seasonal fruits and vegetables at the Beef Barn, please sign up for our Clarion Farms e-newsletters using the simple form above. Our e-newsletters will tip you off to our best beef buys and seasonal produce.


We hope you enjoy your on-line visit with us. We look forward to meeting you at our store, Clarion Farms Beef Barn!







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